Gov School App

1. List special science and mathematics projects, activities and programs you have participated in along with the year you did them.

Fetal pig dissection (2010)

Bridge building— straws (2010)

Diorama of CD player (2008)

Tower building— spaghetti (2008)

Bridge Building— popsicle sticks (2008)

Identify phases of mitosis in whitefish blastula (2008)

Track moon phases [with homemade astrolabe] (2008)

Identify phases of mitosis in onion root tip (2008)

Ramp employing simple machines (2008)

Comparative study of various lotion brands (2007)

2. List any academic awards you have received in science or other areas.

Writers in Residence— Creative Writing

Nation French Exam— 20th percentile in state

History Day— Qualifier

Alliance Française Essay writing competition— Honorable mention

3. Why do you want to attend the central virginia Governor’s school for science and Technology?

Throughout my education, I have always flourished when challenged. When I was part of the Toronto District School System, I was happiest in the gifted program. In Lynchburg, I felt a need to push myself, and forwent Algebra I and French I, despite not having credits for the classes. I didn't feel even marginally challenged, so I taught myself the material necessary to advance a level in roughly a week. I have a constant desire to push myself, and I feel that CVGS would give me great opportunities to do so. I'm a fast learner, who tends to get bored in classes that mull over the same lesson for too long, so the quick pace of CVGS would suit me well. I'm certain that I want to attend university for my post secondary education, and two years of fostering the time management skills and independence needed to succeed at CVGS would be the best training I have available to me for life after high school. I'm not entirely sure what my dream occupation would be, but I am leaning heavily towards biological or sociocultural anthropology. Experience in research would be extremely beneficial, and the opportunity to take the science-related classes taught by the great teachers at CVGS would be a huge boon to me, and give me an advantage at university. I honestly believe that Central Virginia Governor's School would be the optimal choice in schooling for someone who learns the way I do, and that I'd be an even better student there than I am at E.C. Glass.

4. The Governor’s school has a rigorous academic environment.

a. What do you think are important skills needed to be successful at CVGS?

    • Adaptability

    • Articulation

    • Collaboration

    • Comprehension

    • Concentration

    • Confidence

    • Creativity

    • Critical Thinking

    • Decision-making

    • Independence

    • Memorization

    • Motivation

    • Organization

    • Perseverance

    • Prioritization

    • Tenacity

    • Time Management

b. What skills are your best?

  • Critical Thinking

  • Collaboration

  • Prioritization

  • Concentration

  • Comprehension

  • Creativity

  1. What skills will you need to improve?

  • Independence

  • Confidence

  • Articulation

  • Time Management

5. List or describe your hobbies, interests and extracurricular activities.

  • Academic Competition for Excellence (ACE) [Quiz bowl]

  • Forensics

    • Extemporaneous Speaking

  • KEY Club

  • Ambassador's Club

  • Mercy Care

  • NVA Book Club

  • French Club

  • Reading

    • Sci-fi/fantasy

    • mystery

    • historical

    • dystopian future is a plus

  • Parasitology

  • Evolution

  • Biology

  • Mythology (Greek)

  • Pop Culture

  • Fashion

  • Polyvore [a virtual styler for art, interior design, and fashion]

6. Please feel free to make any additional comments that you think might support your application to the Central Virginia Governor’s School for Science and Technology.

Both of my cousins (Andaleeb & Monty Rahman) went to Gov. School, and for both of them, it was one of the best experiences of their high school careers. Living vicariously through them and other friends, I know that CVGS would be a good fit for me, and that I would be a good fit for the school. I have a natural affinity for science and math, an inclination to the nerdy, and a knack for technology. From my own past experience, I know I could handle the CVGS workload and pace. Moreover, I would thrive in it, all the while being taught with a focus on subjects I love.

To the best of my knowledge the information on this application is accurate and represents my point of view. 


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